Provincial Director of Education




Education Administration Branch

   Mr. Wimal Gunerathne
   (Additional Provincial Director of Education)

   E-mail -
   Telephone (Office) - 011-2682262   Fax - 011-2693894
   Telephone (Mobile) - 077-2010052

Staff Officers

   Mr. W.K.N. Wejethunga
   (Deputy Director of Education)

   E-mail -
   Telephone (Office) - 011-2693893   Fax - 011-2693894
   Telephone (Mobile) - 071-2340186

Duties of Education Administration Branch

  • Basic investigation on receiving complaints.
  • Land acquisition and disown related to school lands.
  • Assuring activities to secure the school lands. (Surveying procedures)
  • Approving the estimates such as school development society facilities fees and service fees of National Schools in Western Province.
  • Other various activities and projects.
  • Giving recommendations to the Ministry of Education regarding the all private schools teachers in Western Province for their institutional purposes.
  • Giving recommendations to the Ministry of Education to do the institutional procedures of piriven teachers in all 134 piriven in Western Province.
  • Organizing year end assesments.
  • Grade 5 scholarship activities.
  • Activities related to "Prgnajanani scholarships".
  • Activities of donated scholarships given by presidential funds.
  • Divisional collection centre activities.
  • Income collection of canteens.
  • Giving recommendations to overseas leave of school students (National Schools) approving overseas leave for provincial Schools.
  • Institutional activities of special schools.
  • Giving approvals to the educational trips and field trips of National Schools in Western Province.
  • Giving approvals to provide Western Province National Schools main hall (auditoriums) and playgrounds for external institutions.

Thirasara School Program

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