Provincial Director of Education




Payment Branch

   Mrs. A.M.S. Malkanthi
   (Chief Accountant)

   E-mail -
   Telephone (Office) - 011-2691574   Fax - 011-2691574
   Telephone (Mobile) - 071-5201035

Staff Officers

   Miss. B.S.M.Dharmasena
   (Accountant - Payments)

   E-mail -
   Telephone (Office) - 011-2672352   Fax - 011-2691574
   Telephone (Mobile) - 071-8088478

Duties of Payment Branch

  • Preparing salaries of western provincial Department of Education.
  • Doing procument payments for Line Ministry, provincial councils belongs to western province.
  • Preparing expenditure estimates of provincial department.
  • Payments related to E.K.S.P. project and other projects.
  • Replying to audit quarries of auditor generals and internal audits.
  • Duties related to payments of pension and commuted.
  • Accounts related to students based, teacher based, non-academic education in service special education activities.
  • Preparing final accounts of annual appreciation accounts, advance B Account of government officers, imprest accounts and general deposit accounts.
  • Maintaining provincial and Line Ministry cash books.
  • Preparing provincial and line ministry accounts summaries.
  • Preparing provincial line ministry advance accounts, joint comparison reports and preparing joint, individual balance sheets with joint comparison statements using comparison and individual lists received by zonal offices.
  • Payments and examining provincial and line ministry various payment vouchers.
  • Preparing and comparing joint accounts of government officers in western provincial education department / Line Ministry.

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