Provincial Director of Education




Financial Branch

   Mrs. A.M.S. Malkanthi
   (Chief Accountant)

   E-mail -
   Telephone (Office) - 011-2691574   Fax - 011-2691574
   Telephone (Mobile) - 071-5201035

Staff Officers

   Mrs. A.A.N. Amarasingha
   (Accountant - Finance)

   E-mail -
   Telephone (Office) - 011-2678394   Fax - 011-2693894
   Telephone (Mobile) - 071-4402409

Duties of Financial Branch

  • Preparing provincial council / central estimates.
  • Preparing accounts summaries (balance sheets) of provincial council central accounts.
  • Preparing provincial/ central bank reconciliation statements.
  • Balancing provincial/ central common deposit accounts.
  • Replying for audit quarries.
  • Giving priority approval for distress loans.
  • Maintaining cash book of provincial council / central (forecast) and provincial council / central.
  • Giving approvals to documents related to 115, 118, 119, 135 financial regulations.
  • Preparing financial regulation 66 transfer papers and getting approval.
  • Receiving and distributing line ministry recurrent and capital allocation funds.
  • Preparing line ministry reports.
  • Preparing central / provincial ministry appreciation accounts.
  • Preparing and balancing expenditure reports related to line ministry scholarship, advance B account and capital funds.
  • Releasing imprest and allocations for nutritive project and preparing summaries of joint accounts.
  • Preparing line Ministry accounts under accrual basis.
  • Preparing provincial transfer accounts.
  • Preparing provincial / central imprest accounts.
  • Distribution of provincial council allocations. (recurrent and capital funds)
  • Preparing reports of capital funds reports. (World Bank recurrent reports)
  • Balancing and comparing monthly expenditure progress with zones and chief secretary.
  • Getting provincial staff board reports.
  • Preparing reports of graduate trainees.
  • Approving extending contract period of extra constructions and external work.
  • Preparing payment vouchers for newspaper advertisements and submitting to payments.
  • Preparing progress of line ministry constructions.
  • Approving procument committees and technical committees.
  • Preparing invitation letters of BIDS and posting them.
  • Preparing PIV for BIDS applications and issuing BIDS applications.
  • Appointing board of surveys and finding out the progress.
  • Finding out progress of Bank reconciliation of Zonal offices.
  • Activities related to demolish of provincial and line ministry building.
  • Preparing house rental (arrears) income account and preparing reports.
  • Procument activities of line ministry and EKSP project constructions.
  • Procument activities of world bank supplies and all supplies.
  • Preparing procument advertisement, publishing newspaper advertisement, invitation for BIDS and signing agreements.
  • Signing invoice of received items of stores and giving approval to issuing items of stores.
  • Procuments activities of below 5 million projects of line ministry constructions.
  • Offering BIDS and signing agreements, participating for BIDS opening activities and related activities.
  • Preparing contract bills and rickuision papers and forward for payments.
  • Activities related to buying in small quantities.
  • Organizing meetings, issuing calling letters and refreshment activities.
  • Issuing various financial circulars, amending and approving them.

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